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Your Key to Success: Best Typing Programs for Students

Students these days don’t just want gadgets for almost everything - they need them. It’s convenient to have apps and schoolwork in one handy place on a cell phone. But students who think they know how to type because they spend all day on their phones are sorely mistaken, and often make mistakes when using the real deal: a keyboard. So how can young people correct their erroneous QWERTY habits? These free typing programs will prove to be a hit with any youngster.


Typesy is an interactive program that improves typing speed and accuracy with a wide array of fun activities, games, and courses. Students of all ages will love Typesy. Younger kids can focus on learning how to use the different keys on the keyboard while teenagers can move on to more advanced lessons such as Mega Speed and Accuracy and Fast Dictation Typing. Learning supplements are also available in the form of step-by-step video teaching and fun games. With its utilization of muscle memory, game mechanics, and psychology, it’s no wonder the program is considered one of the best in its field. Download Typesy on your PC or for free on the iPad.

Typing Quest

Typing can be a formative adventure with Typing Quest. Its colorful courses are engaging and effective for students of all ages. Learn the core skills of touch typing in five hours with features like a virtual on-screen keyboard and adaptive review drills. Be motivated to continually improve with exams and a visual scoreboard after every lesson. Typing Quest also offers visual guidance with voice over to acquaint students with the different aspects of touch typing. With Typing Quest, you can learn how to type as fluently as you speak.

Keyboard Fun

Keyboard Fun is the perfect program for an early start. The app introduces young children to touch typing at the same time as they begin to learn about the alphabet. This timing makes it easy for the youngsters to associate the letters with the keys on the keyboard intuitively. It puts an emphasis on correct fingering, as students might have difficulty with uppercase letters after learning lowercase ones. The app may be simple, but it’s practical enough to complement what children already know. Even more impressive is that this app is specifically programmed to accommodate children with physical or learning disabilities. Get Keyboard Fun on the Apple Store now.

Tap Typing – typing trainer

Tap Typing ensures that users will become capable typists after a few introductory lessons. Beginners will see an increase of around 10 words per minute after every hour of practice. The app also provides a heat map where users can see where their fingers hit on the screen and find common mistakes. Advanced users can challenge themselves by typing difficult patterns, complicated sentences, and interesting symbols. Try out Tap Typing’s basic approaches now, free on the iPad.

Learn Typing

Need a free online typing tutor? Try Learn Typing. With its wide array of typing tests, learners of all ages, levels, and experiences will consider Learn Typing a very inclusive app. It offers beginner and advanced typing levels with lessons on keyboard shortcuts to help you type faster. Users can improve quickly by testing themselves with its timed typing tests. Find a qualified and wide-ranged typing program with Learn Typing, available free on Android.

Remember: these apps and programs will not automatically make a master typist. By employing constant skill and discipline, practice will surely make any student perfect at touch typing.

Thursday, April 25th 2019