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Why Typing is Required in the Common Core Standard

The Common Core Standard is the foundation of the education system in the United States. Most states have adopted the Common Core due to its efficiency in helping students learn and develop crucial skills. The common core standard evaluates keyboarding skills with specific benchmarks of accuracy and speed.

Children should have the ability to type a fixed number of pages within a specified time frame. Students in fourth grade should have the ability to type one full page with no problems at all. Fifth grade learners should have the ability to type two pages. And sixth grade learners should have an easy time typing three pages.

Typing speed is determined by dividing the number of words typed by the amount of time, so if a page contains 300 words and the student took 30 minutes, the typing speed is 10 words per minute. In reality, the typing speed needs to be much higher than this for the student to have time to review his work.

The Common Core benchmark indicates that a fourth grade learner should type 300 words in fifteen minutes, at about 20 words per minute. A fifth grade learner will type two pages in twenty minutes, or about 30 words per minute. And a sixth grade learner will type three pages in twenty minutes, 45 words per minute.

For a fourth grader to achieve higher typing speeds, it will be necessary for educators to teach the student how to touch type as early as second or third grade. Here are some of the reasons why.

Touch typing increases typing speed – Students who can type quickly will complete their projects and assignments early enough. When a student completes his assignments early enough, he or she will have enough time to review and proofread before submitting. Plus, students who complete their assignments regularly tend to excel in their studies.

Touch typing saves time – When you touch type, you don’t have to look at the keyboard to find the right keys. All you need to do is formulate words and sentences in your mind. When your mind is focused on one thing, you will perform well.

Touch typing is an important skill that students should learn and develop as early as possible. Typing speed is required for the Common Core Standard because students can complete their assignments and projects on time and excel in their studies.

Wednesday, November 6th 2019