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Who Are the Fastest Typists?

Most people can type fairly quickly. The average person can type forty-one words per minute without mistakes. This is equivalent to typing one work every 1.3 seconds. This may sound quick, however, compared to some people it is very slow. Generally, males will type faster than females. Males will average forty-three words per minute as women are averaging thirty-seven. The accuracy average is 92 percent. This means that out of 100 words, there will be eight mistakes. Keep in mind that this is the average for people, there is some crazy fast typist out there. We are going to talk about some of the fastest typists in the world.

Fastest Typist on Typewriter

Before computers and modern-day keyboards, typing was done on typewriters. Keep in mind that the keys on the typewriter are fairly similar to the keys we have today. A woman named Stella Pajunas had set the record for the fastest speed on a typewriter in 1946. She typed a whopping 216 words per minute. It was said that people were having a hard time counting her keystrokes when she was timed because her fingers were moving so fast.

Highest Avg. Word Per Minute Over an Hour

In the 20th century, typing competitions were huge. This was a business and brought huge attention. Typing competitions were especially popular in the United States. This was largely because there were many typewriting fields of employment. This would include personal assistants. This meant people had to type quickly. In 1923, a man named Albert Tangora had averaged 147 words per minute in a one-hour time span. This means that he had typed more than 8,000 words.

World’s Fastest Typist-English Language

A woman named Barbara Blackburn had hit a peak of 216 words per minute on the DVORAK keyboard. Her average words per minute would vary between 150 and 170. She was such a hit that she was invited to the David Letterman show to show her skills in front of over 17 million people.

World’s Fastest Typist-Multiple Languages

Russia is home to the man who can speak and type 27 different languages. He learned this in the Russian Army. The man would type or about eight hours each day. When he was timed, he would type an average of 160 words per minute.

World’s Fastest Typist- Tying From A-Z

In 2012, a man named Mohd. Khursheed Hussain had set the record for the world for typing. He would have to type the alphabet with spaces between each letter. He managed to do the whole alphabet in just 3.43 seconds.

World’s Fastest- QWERTY- Smartphone

A woman named Grace Pak who is located in the United States typed 264 characters in her phone in less than sixty seconds. She managed to type this message in only 56.5 seconds with punctuation.

It is difficult to verify all the tests that are done to prove these records. There are many online competitions and programs that simply are hard to verify. Some records may have been broken; however, they are not stated in the Guinness book of world records.

Friday, November 22nd 2019