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Which Typing Tutor Software Would You Consider For Your Kid?

Schools teach typing lessons as early as kindergarten, but of course there’s no harm in starting earlier than that. Mold expert touch typists even when they’re still at home with online typing software. We’ve selected the five best and presented their advantages and drawbacks:

Typesy, USD 29.95 (good for 10 years)

Advantages: Typesy is a great touch typing program that allows you to get involved in your child’s typing education with its Family Package. It offers an amazing array of exercises and challenges that will keep your little one productive. There are also video lessons available for visual learners and fun games for playful ones too. Your kids can learn touch typing with the likes of Hangman and Flappy Bird. You can also monitor your child’s words-per-minute and accuracy levels with its progress levels report. You can also load Typesy on your PC, Mac, and iPad as it comes with unlimited installation for all your device at home.

Downside: Some users consider certain aspects difficult to use and dislike the overemphasis on gaming elements. Moreover, Typesy is cloud-based, putting those with slow Internet connection at a disadvantage.

Typing Club, FREE

Advantages: Typing Club provides children with an engaging and interactive typing experience that is absolutely free. Avoid the hassle of sign ups and dive headfirst into fun animations and visuals that will surely excite your child. A proper hand posture guide acts as a precursor for your child’s education and you are also given the option to employ voiceovers. First-time typists often turn to Typing Club for its accessibility.

Downside: User reviews often complain about the site’s datedness and abundance of ad placements. They also call for more varied gameplay.

Typing Instructor Platinum for Kids 6, USD 19.99 (Downloadable on Mac only)

Advantages: Typing Instructor is a well-rounded software that provides young ones with a plethora of high quality activities. TopTenReviews.com hailed it the Best Kids’ Typing Software of 2018. Kids undergo lessons and challenges as they navigate Typer Island while being exposed to over 40 practice tests inspired by famous children’s literature and nursery rhymes. These elements make it a delightful blend of fun and informative.

Downside: Users feel that its failure to assess a child’s baseline word-per-minute score makes the program less personalized and thus lacking.

Dance Mat Typing, FREE

The BBC’S software for elementary typists is easy to understand. The rules are simple: begin from home row keys until you find yourself mastering the whole keyboard. There are four levels in the program with three stages each. Kids can learn how to touch type at their own pace with the help of their vibrant animal friends. Points go to its enduring emphasis on health, making sure that kids enjoy the songs and dances in the program by sitting up straight and positioning their hands properly.

Downside: Being Flash-based, the game is not available on newer devices.

Mickey’s Typing Adventure, USD 18.88 (Available on Amazon)

Advantages: Watch your child learn to type with their favorite mouse! Young learners can use their touch typing skills to go on missions with Mickey and friends in Mickey’s Typing Adventure. The linear plot motivates children to finish the lessons all through the end. Kids receive typing lesson results after every assessment and can even practice typing with their favorite Disney lines! Touch Typing can be magical when you get it from your all-time favorite characters.

Downside: The cartoonish landscape will perhaps be considered too juvenile for older kids.

Find a typing tutor for your budding typists when you get these amazing programs today!

Saturday, April 27th 2019