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What Would You Consider a Slow, Good, and Fast Typing Speed?

In this day and age, touch typing is a skill. Everyone wants--in fact, has to-- be able to learn how to type fast. Being fast in touch typing can get you places; it may be a way to show off to friends, ace a test in a computer course, or even land yourself a job in IT.

But how can you truly rate your performance?

Touch typing requires speed and accuracy. Everyone wants to be fast at typing. However, anyone can type 600 words a minute, but no one can do it with words that actually mean anything. In all rubrics for assessing typing speed, misspelled words are not counted as words.

Your performance can be ranked at five levels.

Slow Performance

A slow typist can only type below 30 WPM. These typists usually are beginners in the field of touch typing and type while looking at the keyboard. The age group for those typing at this speed is below ten years old. If you type at this speed, keep on practicing and you will improve to the next performance which is…

Average Performance

Usually, the average typist types 38 to 40 WPM. These typists have grown to understand the basics of touch typing, but haven’t quite mastered it yet. If you’re content with typing at this speed, good for you! But if you want to aim higher, more practice will take you to…


Those who are fluent typists can type 45 to 60 WPM. These typists have had years of experience with the keyboard. This may seem like the dream level, but it is not the optimal one. If you want to take your typing speed up a notch, more practice will give you…

High Proficiency

Typists who type 60 to 80 WPM are masters of the keyboard. Typists at this speed have mastered all of the keyboard. They are the princesses and the princes of typing. Only a small percentage of people in the world belong to this royal group, but to be the kings and the queens of the keyboard you must reach the…

Expert Level

Unbelievably enough, there are people who can type above 80 WPM. Yes, you heard that right. Those who can even reach one hundred words per minute. Reaching this level is a rare feat only achieved by a small percentile of people, but there is a bonus level for those who are truly superior…

Guinness Book of World Records

Barbara Blackburn holds the title for being the fastest typist in the world. She types at a speed of 212 WPM, and was able to sustain 150 WPM in 50 minutes. She truly owns the keyboard.

If you want to practice your keyboarding skills to reach Blackburn’s level, you can use online tests or better yet websites focusing on helping you be the fastest. Websites like Typesy and KAZ Typing Tutor have courses that guarantee mastery in a span of two weeks or even 90 minutes!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to burn your fingers typing on that keyboard. Happy typing!

Monday, May 6th 2019