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What Tool Is Best To Help You Improve Your Keyboarding Typing Speed

There’s only one tool to help you nail your typing.

As much as you might dislike it, you need to know how to type. These days, you can’t look anywhere without stumbling on a set of keys. Is that a PC? Keys! Is that a cellphone? Keys? Is that Alicia? Keys!

Typing is essential for basically everything now. Schools add it to their curriculum. Jobs require it from their employees. If you don’t know how to type fast, you’re out.

Don’t worry, however, there is a toolbox for improving your typing skills. And that not-so-secret toolbox is…

Cue the drum roll.


Cue the orchestra.

The tool: typing programs! There are hundreds of websites online whose sole purpose is to help you type faster. However, there are only few that do not just improve your skills, they help you become a keyboard whiz. Here are some websites that can be the tools to help you improve your keyboard typing speed.


Typesy is one of the best-reviewed typing programs available online. Its cloud-based system allows up to five active user accounts, and it offers expertly made courses with professionally-produced videos for all kinds of learners. Plus, they have a wide array of fun and exciting games, so you can have fun while learning. Typesy guarantees huge improvement in typing skills in less than two weeks with only five minutes of daily use. If Typesy is your type of program, click here to visit their website.

Typing Quest

Making use of bright colors and imagery, Typing Quest is the ultimate typing experience. It is learning how to type without even thinking it is slightly difficult. It disguises its courses with enticing pictures and characters to easily help you learn your way through the keyboard. Their lessons and addicting games will make keyboarding less key-boring. To complete your typing quest, visit their website here.

KAZ Typing Tutor

This typing program teaches you how to type - fast. In all their promotion materials, KAZ promises typing mastery in only 90 minutes. It incorporates an accelerated learning method for those who wish to type in no time. Their approach in typing is unique and definitely effective. Type from A to Z with KAZ in their website here.

Are you ready? Some people want it all, but you definitely have it all now that you know the tool to the keys. Come on, the wait is over, it’s time to type!

Thursday, May 2nd 2019