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Typing Versus Writing

If you really think about it, when was the last time that you used a pen or pencil to write down something on paper? We are talking about something meaningful such as an entry into a diary or a phone number. Our guess is that it has likely been a while that you have written down anything meaningful in a while.

Why is Typing Better than Writing?

  1. Writing will take children several years to become a master. The motor skills it takes to master writing takes a while to develop. Plus, children will have to learn how to hold the utensil and move them in a precise way to leave a different mark for different letters. Typing is not the same as that. It is easier. All the students will have to do is press the correct key. Children learn how to type fairly fast. Typing is not like writing with your hand.

  2. Keyboards and pens are also a different media. On a computer, you can type what you would like and change the font to what you enjoy. You can change the size of the font as well without having to precisely hand-write all the letters in a specific font.

  3. When children are drafting, they are making mistakes. These mistakes are easier to fix after they are done drafting. All children have to do is reread their paper and make corrections. They can choose to use highlighting features to show where they have made mistakes or simply correct them. It is often easier to correct your mistakes when typing than writing.

  4. Typing will allow people to work faster. The more work that can be done in a shorter amount of time is going to help improve the workplace. Plus, it will allow children to finish their homework faster because they do not have to write it all down. Writing essays takes a lot of time and typing them takes significantly less time. This is all going to play a serious role in the business place as well. The faster people can get work done, the less they have to do.

  5. It is easier for children to take notes on a document by typing rather than taking notes with pen and paper. Sometimes it is difficult for students to keep up when they are using pen and paper. When they are typing, it doesn’t take them as much time and they can continue to follow along and better listen to the lecture being given. Students who are taking notes with pen and paper might miss out on some of the lecture due to taking notes and being slower. Children who are typing will be quicker and have the notes while being able to listen to the instructor. This is especially true if the children know how to touch-type.

  6. It is easier to produce better work when typing. When people are typing, they can think and write at the same time. It allows the brain to get out the thoughts quicker when you are typing compared to when you are writing your ideas down. When you are writing your ideas down you are not moving as fast as your brain allows you to.

Sunday, December 8th 2019