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Typing Program for Adults - Things To Consider and Best Choices

The world is going millennial. Out are the address books, in are the contacts. Out are the letters, in are the emails. Out are the slow typists, in are the fast ones. The key to beating your friends is learning how to touch type. Basically, this is a technique that allows your brain to find the keys without even looking at the keyboard!

Below are some things to consider as you work to make yourself a faster millennial:

Posture makes perfect

How you sit will affect your typing speed. You’ll want to sit with a straight back, maintain distance from the screen, and rest your wrists on the tabletop.

Position makes perfect

The first four fingers (pinky to pointer) of each hand must have a starting and ending position. The home row consists of the ASDF and JKL; keys.

Practice makes perfect

No one ever masters anything without having to work for it. It may take a little time, but, once you learn how to type like a pro, there’s no way to undo it. Remember, however, to not overdo your practice as they may cause damage to your eyes, especially if you spend long periods of time in front of the screen.

Now, you may ask, where can I practice my typing? Well, after extensive research, we have narrowed down the three best typing websites that we can surely say will be your type.

Typesy Typing Software

Typesy 2019 is simply the best. It has the richest and most accessible features among any typing software on the market. Typesy is available for all: home, school, even homeschool! Typesy is cloud-based and allows five user accounts with UNLIMITED system installs and social sharing options. Plus, its videos and photos are all professionally produced. It doesn’t stop there, though; the courses are spectacular for learning, giving reminders, tokens, and opportunities to redo a course. Even better, they have entertaining typing games that take you away from the hassle of typing and into the fun of it.

KAZ Typing Tutor

KAZ Typing Tutor is a highly advanced product that focuses on skill development and speed of learning. It promises on its package and brand that you will learn how to touch type accurately within 90 minutes. Their Accelerated Learning Method has been acknowledged for its great results and training in short periods of time. KAZ has a SEN feature which allows sound, text, and audio to guide you through the touch typing process. It also makes use of constant progress tracking technology to make sure you’re on track. It is also very goal-oriented, most available for and used by schools, but can also be used at home and at work

UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor

UltraKey uses some of the most accurate and successful techniques in learning how to touch type. It offers an inclusive progress tracking system suited for all walks of life. Its target audience are young working professionals and mature students. This program also extended its editions for schools and organizations with licensing systems. UltraKey does not stick to one operating system - instead, it can be downloaded on three types of computers, where it will adjust to their system preferences. Its virtual keyboard shifts key layout based on the system it is installed on.

With this feedback, you can start your search for the perfect software to help you develop your typing. We’re with you every keystroke of the way!

Monday, July 1st 2019