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The Five Best Online Typing Softwares for the Beginner Techie

Typing efficiently on the computer has become more important as ever. There are amazing online typing software that aim to build up speed and accuracy in typing. With them, typing novices of all ages can hone their skills. So, grab your keyboards and get to typing with these five fabulous typing softwares.

1. Typesy

Features: Tried by several of the biggest and most reputable testing sites, Typesy’s games and lessons accommodate all levels of typing proficiency. Its hand placement directions are easily understandable and video instructions are also provided to supplement learning. Typesy isn’t just for learners either. Parents and educators have the option to use Typsey’s EDU and homeschool editions to guide their students through typing education, and its cloud-based software makes it compatible with all operating systems.

Subscription: A USD 29.95 subscription to Typesy is good for 10 years, a lengthy time for an affordable price. It also includes a 12-month money-back policy and an account that accommodates five users.

2. KAZ Typing Tutor

Features: KAZ’s speed-based learning style comes from the neurological studies it was based on. KAZ guarantees perfect keyboard A-Z’s in 90 minutes and keyboard mastery in four hours. It provides an effective minimalist approach that lacks games and superfluous appearance-based elements. KAZ currently has programs for adults, families, classrooms, businesses, and even learners with disabilities.

Subscription: KAZ’s annual license is priced at USD 19.99, while downloading the program entitles you to a USD 29.99 subscription good for one year. The KAZ family program allows up to five users in a single account.

3. Ultra Key 6

Features: Tech-savvy professional wannabees use the Ultra Key 6 program. A skills assessment at the beginning of the program assigns lessons fitting their skills, like those on correct posture, hand placement, and individual finger-training. Ultra Key’s sleek interface is customizable, providing a more personalized experience.

Subscription: With its personal license priced at USD 29.95 and its family license at USD 39.95, both yearly, the Ultra Key 6 is pricier than other programs. Its free yearly updates and a customizable path for eight different users in one account still makes it worth it.

4. Typing Instructor Web

Features: Typing Instructor’s set of thorough lessons and game varieties are what make it a hit among student and business learners. Users are able to explore numerous learning pathways, and those at an intermediate level are treated to a degree of flexibility. They are able to select predetermined paths and even customize one of their own. What’s more, viewers can experiment with typing in both English and Spanish while bopping to a multitude of music options in the program.

Subscription: Typing Instructor’s Platinum Edition costs USD 29.99 yearly.

5. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Features: The ultimate typing program for the digital citizen, Mavis Beacon is perfect for young typists. Users as young as eight are treated to a fun learning experience that will help them achieve their goals. Lessons are crafted to suit the user’s age group as they progress in their typing journey. Other features include engaging video instructions and the option to sync important information as you type.

Subscription: Mavis Beacon’s yearly subscriptions include its Kids Edition (USD 19.99), Personal Edition (USD 19.99), and Family Edition (USD 29.99).

What are you waiting for? Get one of these amazing softwares and start your typing journey today!

Saturday, September 28th 2019