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The Difference Between Knowledge Base and Customer Forum

Yes, you already guessed it: your business needs to build a community. Your business needs to engage with its visitors. Your business needs to attract more visitors. Yes, you do want to know how to make your business improve and, yes, your users can be the ones to give you the answer.

Okay, so, there’s the idea: have an avenue for users and visitors to express their concerns, interests, and comments regarding your business to help it improve.

But how are you going to do that?

For most websites, there are only two options: knowledge base or customer forum.

Okay, wait, you are asking yourself now: Aren’t they the same thing? Aren’t they always used interchangeably in many - actually, in most - websites.

That is where most websites get wrong and, if you read on, yours will get right,

To preface, both of them have essentially the same function. Both of them aim to cater to the audience and provide means necessary for improving your audience engagement.

The difference in a knowledge base lies in its name. It is simply a base for knowledge. It aims to collect a chunk load of information in one place and provide the best response possible that matches the keywords of the information. Sure, the user will know the information, but they are to interpret it themselves instead of having personal assistance to guide them in answering their query.

Online communities, on the other hand, prioritize interaction over knowledge. They provide more flexible information resources that fit the need of the user - browsing files, watching videos, reading blog entries. This allows them to look at the visual tool or resource that best helps them in answering their question. For further interpretation, two-way conversations take place may it be between someone inside the business or a fellow customer like them. There is more breathing space in an online community - discussion forums, Q&As, and comments are readily available and accessible to build a better community among the people.

A great example of a robust online community is that of Typesy. With their new Typesy Community feature, users have been able to gather together to not only voice their touch typing-related queries but also to bond and mingle with each other. Typesy Community creates for a solid group of people that you can be apart of if you visit http://community.typesy.com/.

So now you understand the difference between the two. Make sure to not use them interchangeably or else you will be getting more questions about it in your online community.

Friday, April 17th 2020