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The Best Typing Software for the Whole Family

Typing is no longer something that has to happen at the office or at school - nowadays, typing is a part of every part of life. Parent, child, aunt, uncle, grandparents - all of us have to type! So we might as well get typing software that can help us all be successful, regardless of age.

Here are the list of the best typing software for the whole family to use.


Typesy is undoubtedly one of the best typing softwares for all learners - especially families! Typesy is cloud-based, so parents can monitor their children while practicing themselves. Their videos are professionally produced and totally easy to understand.

Their individual edition allows creation of up to five user accounts for the whole family to practice. They also have the homeschool edition with three different packages. Their Typesy Homeschool Family, Typesy Homeschool Big Family, and Typesy Homeschool Co-op are perfect for your family no matter what size it is.

UltraKey Keyboarding Tutor

With UltraKey’s cross platform support, this typing software can be installed on three computers and it adapts to the preference of your operating system. It truly adapts to your needs. It also tracks whatever you have issues with, whether it’s keys, words, or finger placement. Plus, it actually suggests training programs for you to improve. It has excellent progress reporting for you and your family’s benefit.

Typing Master

With its unique “Satellite Learning” feature, you and your family can improve typing skills without even using the app! A family life is a busy life, and sometimes you’ll miss practice sessions. Worry not, however: Typing Master can track your typing speed and accuracy outside the application, so when you get back into it you’ll have a progress report on your typing since the last time you logged in. It’s the ultimate time-saver!

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

KeyBlaze is very easy to use. It’s the best typing software for families looking to set their own personal typing goals. Users get to choose the drills and exercises that are best-suited to help them achieve their goals. If you or your kiddos want more, they also have special lessons that cover dictation and transcription skills. It’s perfect for the family who is pumped to learn more together!

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon has three different versions, but get the family one specifically catered to achieve familial typing skills. It’s an objective and personable teaching course with a guide-through led by no other than Mavis Beacon! Each lesson guarantees skill improvement with no sugarcoating scores - you either move forward or repeat the unit. It’s the best typing software to teach kiddos the value of improvement!

Typing Instructor Platinum

This typing instructor deserves the platinum in its name as it is rich with features. It provides a good variety of drills and games, and it has a dynamic learning feature. After each lesson, the software detects your strong and weak points and suggests programs to strengthen the former and eliminate the latter. Plus, it allows you and your kiddos to pick a virtual destination to “travel” to. With a fresh look every time, your kiddos will never get bored.

KAZ Typing Tutor

This is the best typing software for speedy learning. KAZ guarantees mastery in only 90 minutes. It incorporates an accelerated learning method that teaches how to type fast. It has been proven effective for most of the 18,000 people it has tested, so it’s perfect to teach the kiddos the essence of time and learning things quickly!

So what are you waiting for? Happy typing!

Saturday, May 4th 2019