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The Benefits of Having A Typing Program for Schools

Back in the day, only those select few, high-end schools and universities with computer labs and a pricey tuition got to experience the beauty of typing. These days, though, personal computers abound and schools are being provided computers by the government. Kids learn to type as young as seven and are highly-skilled users of technology. The question is, however: Are these computer and typing lessons actually important for student growth?

The answer is yes, of course, a million times yes!

But why? What can students learn from typing that makes it valuable for the school to spend time and resources on it?

Phonics and Spelling

Yes, spelling can be learned through writing and not just typing. However, it has been noted that typing words increases the chance that students will recognize them better, especially high-frequency English words. Repeated exposure to typed words also trains students to spell more accurately and know the words’ definitions. Typing programs usually make use of multiple sensory elements, which forces students to map sounds to letters and use more of their brains. It reinforces reading and helps children master literacy skills.


Typing programs help boost a child’s self-esteem through their clever usage of rewards and tokens after mastering a skill. Most typing programs also give words of encouragement, which take the form of inspirational quotes that encourage the typist to keep improving. What typing programs strictly avoid is discouraging the typist. Even when a student has to take a level again, typing programs always make sure they do not feel bad for it, but see it as another chance for them to learn!

Self-directed learning for all!

Typing programs let the students take charge of their own learning. Of course, teachers can give them specific targets for the day, but, overall, students get to learn at their own pace. This type of learning suits those with learning disabilities who have to take their time to learn. No two students are identical, so they can all benefit from the chance to set their own pace. Modular programs like these are fit for all, making typing programs the best way to learn with a class.

Now that we have that covered, what are some typing programs that are best for schools?

Typesy EDU

Typesy’s educational package is well-reviewed and loved by its users. It provides not only the best courses, but it has professionally-produced video discussions to help children who are both visual and auditory learners. They adjust to the student’s skills while improving them. Typesy EDU provides not just courses, but fun, exciting games as well, creating an environment where keyboarding is never key-boring.

Touch-Type Read and Spell

Touch-Type Read and Spell offers packages for schools, tutoring centers, and adult education programs. They are multi-sensory and modular in their approach to help students get the most out of learning how to type. They are built to strengthen literacy skills through positive and engaging learning. Their package is comprehensive and focused to get the best out of every student.

Typing Quest

Typing Quest is an interesting way to learn typing. They make use of vivid and bright visuals to help students remember keys easily. Students will never get bored with their courses and their top-notch, enjoyable games will hook your students in and make learning fun.

Schools have to nurture the skills of their students at very early ages. Use these typing programs with your students and not only will they learn, they’ll learn to enjoy it! Happy Typing!

Friday, May 3rd 2019