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Technology: What to Expect in 2030

Touch typing is one of those things that has become outdated, however, it is coming back. Touch-typing is a very important skill that children must master. Not only do they need to learn to keyboard, but they must also know how to touch-type. Here are the reasons that touch-typing is so essential to learn for the future.

Helps Us Work Faster

Touch-typing allows children and adults to type at higher speeds with better accuracy. This will allow people to work without needing to look down at the keyboard or look at their hands. This is the technique that makes keyboarding so speedy. When people do not touch-type, they are spending time looking at the keyboard and then looking at the screen. This will slow down people who are typing. Those who touch-type are going to produce double the work that people who are pecking will produce.

Better Accuracy

Touch-typing is not only fast, but it also allows us to be more accurate. Children should be typing at least thirty words per minute. They should have at least ninety percent accuracy. People may type faster when they hunt and peck, however, they waste time going back to make corrections. Touch-typing is the best way to improve accuracy and speed.

Advantage Over Others

When children learn how to touch-type, they have an advantage over other children who do not know how to touch-type. Touch-typing is the key to the future because many jobs will require young adults to know how to properly type and have decent accuracy.

Learning Early

Touch-typing may seem like something that is for adults, however, young children can learn this as well. At the age of seven, it is ideal to learn how to type and then learn how to touch-type. Age seven is ideal because the size of the hand is perfect for learning. Plus, children of this age love being on computers and want to learn. The earlier that touch-typing is taught, the better. If touch-typing is taught earlier, there are fewer bad habits to unlearn.

Setting Up for the Future

Many people do not understand why children should learn to touch-type. After all, most work that is done in elementary school is done on paper. However, in middle school, most of the work is done on computers. This means that touch-typing would save them a lot of time. Plus, if younger generations know how to touch-type, they will save a lot of time in college. After all, touch typing can save a person 350 hours of time over the duration of their degree.

Teaching children how to touch-type will allow them to excel in life. Many professions require people to type. Even if that means just for record purposes. You may find that hunting and pecking are slowing you down. This is why children and future generations need to be taught how to touch-type so they can excel in the business place. The earlier that you learn to touch-type, the better you will be at it when you are older.

Tuesday, December 10th 2019