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Organize Your Typing Lesson with These Three Programs

Typing has been incorporated in academic curricula worldwide due to its importance in today’s digital age. Some schools even offer touch typing classes to kindergartners! Beyond the question of education, teachers have the added responsibility of keeping students interested in the lesson. If your class is proving to be difficult, you can keep them smart and engaged with these three key typing programs (your next teacher’s pets!).


As the leading premium keyboarding program, countless top schools and districts rely on Typesy. Typesy’s Touch Typing Education program is up-to-date with the Common Core Standards, so expect your students to meet and exceed expectations. What’s more, Typesy is totally teacher-friendly. It allows you to create classes and add students for easy monitoring, and it connects to multiple single sign-on softwares. Creating and grading tests is also a breeze. It ensures that your teaching experience is perfectly customizable, whether you’re a newbie or an expert. Have exciting typing exercises, videos, and games at your disposal when you avail yourself of Typesy’s limited-time offer, FREE for up to 30 students.

Typing Pal

Your students want to touch type at full speed? You might find a typing friend with Typing Pal! Typing Pal’s simple and web-efficient program is perfect for beginner and intermediate typists. Its more than 200 training activities will ensure that your students maintain correct hand placement and accuracy levels throughout their typing education. Typing Pal’s program caters to all levels, and practice sessions are set up to suit ages from as young as six to over 17. Teachers can also customize training by restricting access for students who need improvement and rewarding badges to achievers. Sign up with Typing Pal for free and gain a new best friend at the same time.

Typing Quest

Join your students in the adventure of a lifetime with Typing Quest. Watch them develop from typing novices to veterans with Typing Quest’s versatile keyboarding courses that include up to 20 hours of fun! It has exercises for all typing stages, from how-to lessons on correct posture to drills on commonly mistyped words. Typing Quest’s unique visual scorecard is perfect for allowing you and your student to receive feedback after every activity. Its course result forecast also helps teachers spot students who are having difficulty achieving their typing goals. Typing Quest offers courses for all grade levels at different prices. Not ready to commit? Try out their sample lessons or sign up for a free trial now!

While rowdy and indifferent classes are an inevitable part of teaching, there’s still hope for you to make your kids learn typing the very best way. Create a fun and formative classroom experience with these three typing programs, a definite way to convince your students that school really is cool.

Wednesday, April 24th 2019