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Measurement of Typing Speed

We type everywhere - on our phones, for school, as a requirement in our job. Gone are the days of transcribing things through writing. Writing, how very medieval.

These days, we are in the age of typing, but not everyone knows everything about typing.Maybe not even you!

So we’ll go back to the basics and talk about the best ways to measure skill in typing.

It’s common to hear about words per minute when discussing typing, but have you ever heard of keystrokes per hour?

Every time you hit a key, you have made a keystroke, which is basically one character - letters, numbers, symbols, space - on a keyboard. Measure the number of keys you hit in an hour and that, my friends, is your keystrokes per hour (KPH).

The other main rate of measurement (and the more popular one) is words per minute (WPM). Although this measurement can’t control for length of word, it’s an indicator of your ability to write correctly when dealing with more complex elements.

If you are interested in converting your words per minute into keystrokes per minute, Coleman Data Solutions provided a formula for that. The general rule is:

KPH = (WPM5)50.

Just plug your WPM in, hit the right signs on your calculator, and there you have it!

If you want it the other way around, you might need to modify the formula a little bit to get the WPM from KPH. The new formula would look like this.

wpm = kph / 250

Same thing as the last one: plug those formulas in, click-click-click, then you’re good to go!

The average words per minute of a typist is 40 WPM. The average keystroke follows the formula. Thus, it would be 10,000 KPH. Not bad!

That’s nice and all, but the real question is this: Which of the two measurements is better?

Well, actually, drum roll please…

There is no better one!

Cue the record scratch.

That’s right. Both are valid in measuring speed and accuracy in typing. Words per minute is more frequently used, however, as it is easier to measure minutes as compared to full hours.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge in the bag, it’s time to start working! There are many websites online to help you with this. Sites like Typesy and Type Test measure both words and keystrokes per minute to make it easier for you to know how much you can do and how much you will achieve.

Happy typing!

Wednesday, May 1st 2019