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Keyboarding Myths

There are many myths surrounding the keyboard. Some are from the origin of the keyboard and some are from today. Some myths surround the teaching of keyboarding and some are about the keyboard itself. Let’s talk about some myths that surround the keyboard.

Kids Naturally Know How to Type

It is said that kids will naturally know how to type due to the use of digital items such as tablets and smartphones. However, even though many children play video games and write on tablets, typing will require different skills than playing these games.

Keyboards are Being Replaced

Many people believe that speech-to-text is replacing keyboards. This means that typing will be a thing of the past. However, it is very impractical for this to take over keyboards, especially in the classroom. Could you imagine a whole room full of students talking to their device at once?

Teachers Must Know How to Touch-Type to Teach It

It is useful for teachers to know how to touch-type when they are teaching it, however, it is not mandatory. There are many typing software that will teach children proper techniques that will allow them to learn to touch-type.

The QWERTY Keyboard Was Created by Christopher Sholes

Many people believe that Christopher Sholes had created the QWERTY keyboard to slow typists down when using a typewriter. He wanted to do this because the arms of the typewriter would jam if they were typing too fast, however, this is a myth. This keyboard was formed even before the typewriter. Those who used to transcribe Morse code from telegraphs formed this. Those who were translating found that using the normal alphabetic arrangement was very confusing and wasn’t efficient for translating. It is believed that the keyboard was developed over several years by those translating Morse code.

Schools Don’t Have Time to Teach Keyboarding

This is a very common myth that people believe. It is believed that keyboarding is outdated and is no longer useful, however, it is more useful now compared to ever before. Many teachers will put keyboarding exercises into their class time. They will use this as a warmup. Plus, they will use typing games as an award for those who are doing good and finishing assignments early.

Teaching Typing in Kindergarten is too Early

Kindergarten is the best time to start teaching children to type. Children at this age are starting to learn their letters and write them. Plus, they are learning to read these letters. When children type these letters, they are helping themselves recognize the letter.

Children Become Bored of Typing

Many people associate learning to type as boring, however, it is very fun. Children have many different ways of learning to type. There are games available and different courses that they can take. Keyboarding is a fun experience that kids enjoy. Plus, if the child enjoys a program, they will have more fun learning. If they are having fun while learning, they are more apt to want to learn as well.

Monday, December 16th 2019