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Homeschool Typing Programs Available Online

Home is where the heart is. If you’ve got the heart for touch typing, then home is definitely where you’ll want to learn it.

Parents, you want your child to use their screen time for education but still have fun? That might be deception in some books, but in most it’s the best way to hone learning at a young age. Kids are constantly trying to get on the computer to play online games. What better computer-based technique to teach than touch typing? Your child can strengthen their muscle memory and have fun while they practice a necessary skill for the adult world. Perfect!

However, there are hundreds of websites online that offer touch typing courses. How do you choose the one that will make your child less key-bored?

Well, here are two websites that may just be your kid’s type.

1. Typesy

Typesy is an excellent program that offers activities that appeal to sight, sound, and touch. Typesy is cloud-based, which makes it accessible wherever you are. An account with Typesy allows up to five users, so you can keep track of your kiddo’s progress while doing your own learning. The Typesy software is extremely kid-friendly. Part of its many features are the adaptive pop-ups that encourage you to move on when you improve and to redo a course if you can do better. The software offers feedback in a kind and nurturing manner, which uplifts kids as they keep working. The softwares’ professionally-produced instructional videos help children who learn more from audio than visual means. Students are also rewarded merits like a regular school: bronze, silver, and gold for competency in speed and accuracy. Typesy doesn’t only provide courses, however, it also has many games! These games share the core touch typing skill while still being fun and exciting. The most famous and personal favorite of many is the Clumsy Bird Typing, a recreation of Flappy Bird using typing know-how to keep the poor bird aloft. Other games like Jimbo Jump and Type Man are equally enthralling.

2. Epistory Typing Chronicles

At first sight, this game may look too difficult for a regular kid. Even the name of the game is a challenge! However, your children will understand the appeal once they’ve actually experienced the game. Epistory Typing Chronicles is an adventure-based game. The main characters are a lost girl and her pet fox. They both need to find their way back home and that is where the touch typing comes in. The girl is able to move left or right using the EF and JI keys. A narrator gives directions on where she should be headed while giving information on the girl’s background. Her story is delightful and morally educational. The real challenge comes in the monsters. These monsters are slow at first, giving enough time for the kid to type the word, but they become faster moving on. This level of challenge really pumps the kid and thrills them, pushing them to type faster and faster as the game moves on. This game is definitely a fun ride reaching to the end. It doesn’t only teach the kid how to type, but it also teaches them about kindness, trust, and, of course, how not to judge the book by its cover.

These two amazing games will surely excite and inspire children to type. Happy typing!

Friday, November 1st 2019