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Five Tips to Learn Touch Typing FAST

Learning to touch type takes time. However, if you keep these five essential elements in mind every time you type, you’ll learn faster and faster!

Don’t forget your posture.

It may not seem like it, but the way you sit does affect the way you type and how fast you do it. A lousy posture will result in lousy keyboarding. Your shoulders must be relaxed, your feet flat on the floor, and your back straight. You should get a chair that supports your back and a keyboard tray that is adjustable for you.

Always go back home

In keyboarding, you always have to return to the home row, the line of keys in the center of the keyboard. The fingers on your left hand must rest on the keys ASDF. Those on your right hand should be on the JKL; keys. Always remember that these keys are your reference point. Other keys are easier to reach once you have your fingers on these keys.

Use color to learn

Humans are visual learners. We memorize things best through pictures and colors. Knowing this, you can simplify your memorization of the keyboard by using colors. You can search online for pictures of keyboards with the keys marked with different colors. You can then use these pictures as a reference tool for when you practice typing. If you have money to spend, there are actual color-coded keyboards for sale that can help you use color even more effectively.

Have some fun!

Dull typing lessons aren’t what you need. You can spice up your learning through games! Try out games that are thrilling to really speed up your typing. Choose games that have rewards at the end or have scoreboards so you will be pumped up and not burned out by learning. It’s still learning, but in a way that you respond to.

Practice, practice, practice

Nothing good happens without practice. You are not all alone in this quest, however. There are dozens of websites that have courses and packages that can help you learn, and will make your practice ten times easier!

Typesy is a well-reviewed software for learners of all kinds.Their courses appeal to not only the eye, but to the ears as well, with professionally-produced videos and audio lessons to supplement learning through gameplay. With Typesy, you learn while having fun.

KAZ Typing Tutor focuses on speed, promising touch typing mastery in only 90 minutes. Their accelerated learning method attempts to teach you touch typing in as little time as possible.

Typing Instructor Platinum has a dynamic learning feature that changes how lessons are provided based on your performance. They adjust to your needs and don’t rush you. Learning goals are customizable, so you achieve what you want to achieve.

There are other typing websites available as well, but the softwares listed above have proven most effective, so be sure to check them out. Happy typing!

Sunday, May 5th 2019