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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using Online Touch Typing Programs

Every profession nowadays demands quick and accurate typing skills for all age groups. Online touch typing programs are an excellent way to hone your typing skills for work or leisure. Here are five reasons why online touch typing programs are simply a cut above the rest.

They Make You More Accurate

Before the advancement of typing technology, our ability to evaluate the progress of hopeful typists was limited. Sure, you can grade accuracy and speed, but it’s hard to tell if a student is learning proper technique or not solely based on results. Relying on online software is the best way to know whether your typing skills are truly great. Typesy presents your accuracy levels along with your words per minute (WPM) after every exercise, as well as evaluating your problem areas and your skills for improvement.

They’re Hassle-Free

There are offline options for testing your typing speed, but tallying your scores by hand is inconvenient. Online touch typing software eliminates the bother of having to count every word and mistake individually.

They Can be a Lot of Fun

Typing mindlessly can get pretty boring. But don’t worry, touch typing programs know exactly how to spice things up. Typing software like Typing Games Zone often has challenges and mini-games that make typing fun. You might spot our beloved PacMan moonlighting as KeyMan. There’s even a Pokemon typing game available on the Nintendo DS for kids (and kids at heart).

They’re Not Afraid to Push You

Learning to type can and should be fun, but you can’t improve without helpful criticism. If you’re open to this, online touch typing programs might be for you. In many online programs, typing tests and lessons penalize you if you make a certain number of mistakes. With Typesy, failing to achieve the required accuracy levels or words per minute results in you having to redo the exercise. You will only be able to move on to the next level once when you have passed the standards of the current one.

They’re Great for Your Budget

Most Online Touch Typing Programs are cheap or even free. Simply searching “typing test” will generate millions of free touch typing programs and websites, including SpeedTypingOnline and Typing Games Zone. For those of you with a more flexible budget, you can purchase the sleekest Touch Typing software for a sweet deal, with research-based lessons and testing to make sure you get the best typing education possible. A subscription to Typesy Individual costs only USD 29.99 and is good for 10 years (they are currently offering a lifetime subscription promotion!).

Typing doesn’t always have to be boring and stagnant. Improve your typing skills while having fun at the same time using online touch typing programs. Hopefully, they won’t only touch your typing skills, but your life too.

Wednesday, August 7th 2019