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Can Adults Learn How to Touch Type with Online Programs?

Touch Typing Today

Everyone knows how to type, but touch typing might seem like a foreign language to casual computer users. Touch typing is a method that requires you to memorize the keyboard and not look at it, which seems counterintuitive to some (or most) of us.

Rising Prominence

Professional workplaces of all kinds have acknowledged the importance of touch typing, and schools have followed suit. Students as young as six years old are already learning the basics, and they become experts once they reach adulthood.

But those of us who are already adults don’t have as much dedicated time for learning and personal development. Those who wish to advance their careers or simply want to get their work done faster - without the adjustment period of learning a new typing style - might be hesitant to take up touch typing. Some find it too bothersome to enroll in typing schools. Others consider it too late for them to learn a brand-new technique, especially one that requires memorization.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In truth, beginners will find the process slow at first. This is because touch typing relies on building up enough muscle memory in your fingers to instinctively go to the correct keys. This requires the full cooperation of all ten fingers, which is why two-fingered typists might take some time to adjust. Don’t worry though, because with enough practice you will find your fingers dancing across the keyboard with or without your focused attention. Remember, it doesn’t matter how long you took to get there as long as you’ve mastered the skill.

How Online Programs Help

There is no need to pay hundreds to go to a typing school when you’ve already got programs available online. There are thousands of online software to choose from, free or paid. They’ve got useful exercises and challenges that will ease you from typing novice to typing master. They offer the most basic lessons like proper posture and hand placement to more complex ones like drills on commonly mistyped words. For working men and women, you can save your progress and continue with lessons whenever you have time available. There are even fun typing games you can play if you find the usual curriculum repetitive. What’s more, a lot of these programs are installable on the PC or even phone, enabling you to carry them anywhere.

Matthew Burfield can attest to the effectiveness of online programs for improving his typing skills. He chronicles in his blog post his start as a four-fingered programmer and how his need for speed motivated him to take up Touch Typing at age 29. His first few arduous weeks of training eventually paid off with him now having surpassed his previous typing speeds thanks to touch typing.

Get Started!

Begin your touch typing education with two of these superb online programs:


Want a quick typing boost? Look no further than Typesy, the go-to application for quick and accurate touch typing. Improve your typing skills with engaging exercises and challenges while monitoring your progress. It’s easily accessible and available on the PC, Mac and iPad too.

Typing Quest

This program is perfect for those who are young at heart. Typing is an adventure with Typing Quest. You are guaranteed to learn the core skills of Touch Typing in five hours with its versatile keyboard games and drills.

Still hesitant? Check out these programs now and take up Touch Typing, no matter how old you are.

Friday, April 26th 2019